ojo de dios


good morning bedheads!

happy new year!! hope you all had a lovely time celebrating 2015.

I’m very sorry that I haven’t posted much lately, this year I’ll try to bring lots more to you, my fellow bedheads 🙂

here for you now is a tutorial on how to make God’s eyes. the spanish name for these wonderful things is ‘ojo de dios’, meaning ‘eye of God’. the huichol indians of mexico are thought to be the original creators of these wonderful splashes of colour. I reckon that they are beautiful decorations to brighten up a room, and are so simple and addictive to make.

all you will need:

  • 2 long, thin sticks (for this tutorial I’m using wooden skewers, but you could use almost anything you have handy! popsticks, big wooden poles, maybe a few twigs from the garden?)
  • many different colours of string (again, anything works perfectly, from wool to twine to ribbons. I will be using embroidery thread, as I was lucky enough to discover a huge box of it in the house!!)
  • scissors

 IMG_1173 IMG_1171


1. trim your two sticks so they are the same length and flat at both ends.

IMG_1174 IMG_1178

2. grab your first coloured string and tie the two sticks together around the middle, with a sturdy double knot.


rotate one of the sticks so a cross shape is formed.


3. the weaving part of this is one action that is repeated over and over: wrap the long end of the string around the arm of the cross pointing to the right in a clockwise direction, like so:


4. rotate the cross 90 degrees in an anticlockwise direction, so it looks like this:



5. repeat the wrapping action on the right arm of the cross. rotate, then wrap. rotate, then wrap.

keep going for it until you get a nice solid square of string in the centre, then tie off the end of the string.

IMG_1189 IMG_1188

6. double knot your next coloured string onto any of the arms, then start wrapping and rotating again. I find the weaving soothing because it’s so repetitive.

when you start to reach the ends of your sticks, it’s time to tie off the last string. you will have a lovely multicoloured diamond sitting in your hands:



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please let me know what you think! most importantly I hope you have fun making yourself some God’s eyes ❤

have a great day x


eating animals





good morning bedheads!

I’m so excited to share this newly discovered book with you all — it is entitled eating animals by jonathan safran foer, published in 2009. as a vegetarian, I was intrigued by the unique cover and wanted to find out what it was all about (over a bowl of banana icecream).

at a quick glance, eating animals may be mistaken for a persuasive non-fiction book, full of the american writer’s opinions on why people should stop eating meat forever. upon reading further, however, I discovered that the majority of the book was safran foer stating carefully researched facts relating to factory farming in the US. cold, hard facts, some so shocking and frightening that at times I felt I was reading a horror novel. the author also presented good philosophical discussion topics.

I’m very glad that safran foer has written this book to inform readers on what goes on behind the scenes in factory farms, and I feel it has the ability to convince any reader that vegetarianism and veganism is reasonable, if not the better way.

I won’t give too much away though, go ahead and have a look!

have a great day x


sadhana kitchen




good morning bedheads!

if you ever get a chance to visit the lovely Sydney, Australia, a cafe that is high on the list of places to eat is definitely sadhana kitchen. this sweet shop is located in enmore, and calls itself ‘Sydney’s first organic wholefoods and raw foods cafe’.

it may be little, but this cafe is full to the brim with raw food dishes, fab smoothies and juices and beautiful desserts. I visited sadhana kitchen while holidaying in Sydney and my sister and I, both keen raw foodies, went crazy over what this cafe had to offer.

pictured here is the raw crepe, a few jars of green juice and one of the kitchen’s many famous cheesecakes (and my sneaky hand because I was so impatient). it doesn’t matter whether you’re having breakfast, lunch or dinner here, everything is a treat mmm

I won’t give to much away about the wonderful sadhana kitchen, so you can go and see for yourselves!

have a splendid day xx

website: www.sadhanakitchen.com

instagram: @sadhanakitchen





good morning bedheads!

here is a little outfit from when I was in Singapore:

top: faux apparel
skirt: topshop
boots: office

the denim skirt and boots were lucky buys. they go with almost anything, you can throw them with any colour or style. I wear them with every chance I get!

my ‘raw’ shirt from faux apparel is one of my favourites. I love buying from small businesses to support them, instead of always going for the big brands. you can find heaps of unique and beautiful clothing! you can find more of these shirts at www.fauxapparel.com ❤

have a wonderful day!

nana icecream


good morning bedheads!

this is something I must share with all of you!! it is a super quick, easy peasy recipe for the most delicious icecream ever:

1. chop up a few bananas and freeze them overnight

2. the next day, pop the frozen bananas in a blender and blend until it’s smooth and creamy

3. add as many toppings as you like and enjoy!

I cannot get enough of this, it’s so yum and so healthy for you as it is pure fruity goodness. I even have it for breakfast sometimes, with toppings such as nuts and seeds.

try adding a few other fruits to the mix to get heaps of delicious flavours. my personal favourite is adding strawberries.

have a lovely day!



good morning bedheads!

this is a little flashback to earlier in the year. during a week-long camp in the middle of nowhere, I discovered how beautiful the sky was with nothing to block it. every day there was a different sunrise, a different sunset. there was a range of brilliant hues and the clouds floated in patterns across the space. we spent ages admiring the display, and at night we slept under the stars.

it’s nice to take some time each day to look up at the sky.

have a lovely day!